Ben Hales: music & words
Ben Hales: music & words

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Ben Hales is a freelance composer, writer and producer based in London.

'Adam & Eve: The Musical'

My comedy musical 'Adam & Eve: The Musical' which premiered at the 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, is being developed for a full production. We have a rehearsed reading at St James Theatre, London on 19 May 2016, if you'd like to come along, let me know.

Find out more, listen to some songs and read some reviews here:

Kicking Off wins Best UK Feature at Raindance

I have contributed a song to the soundtrack of Gaia Media's 'Kicking Off', a comedy about some vengeful football fans which culminates in a mighty singalong featuring some excellent young singers.

It won the Best UK Feature at the 2016 Raindance Festival. The film is scheduled for release in April 2016.

Watch the trailer here:

New Production Music album

Our new production music album, ‘Pop Rock Passions' is available now on the Atmosphere label.

Following the success of ‘The Album: Emotional Anthemic Rock I & II’, we have produced another set of epic instrumentals in the style of Aqualung.

The Sidemen Experience

Comedy Central UK asked me to produce a theme, stings and beds for their new web-series The Sidemen Experience, in which you can experience the young Sidemen having to do unpleasant things together. Sort of like scout camp.

'The Roof' OST now available

The Official Soundtrack of my collaboration with the excellent Dave Price for Requardt&Rosenberg's production The Roof, which performed over the summer of 2014, is now available on Bandcamp - featuring contributions from Gwyneth Herbert and Finn Peters.

'There's a Leak!' published by Nelson Thornes

My play for young performers is published by educational publishers Nelson Thornes.

It's an hour long dark comedy for cast sizes from 7 - 20 or more, and tells the story of 12 year-old Elsa, who discovers a small hole sucking air into the pavement. Accompanied by her sarcastic cat, Igor, she decides she must try and get something done about the leak. Unfortunately, the passing cavalcade of children, men, women, council workers, journalists, suicides and scientists seem to be missing the point somewhat...

The play can be licensed for performance from Splendid Productions.

Ben Hales on Soundcloud

Theme for unused 'Skinny Jeans' sketch for BBC3, written and performed by Ben Hales,

I've uploaded some music from my various projects to Soundcloud. Watch and listen at the music page, or listen to everything on Soundcloud.