Ben Hales: music & words
Ben Hales: music & words

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Composed music to brief for TV and theatre productions, plus production music library material, with some examples to listen to.

TV/ Web Music

October 2014 - 'The Sidemen Experience',

Comedy Central UK asked me to produce a theme, stings and beds for their new web-series The Sidemen Experience.

June 2013 - First Choice Holidays, web advert, Rockabox Studios
A remake of 'So You Want To Be A Boxer' from 'Bugsy Malone' with holiday-centric lyrics by Seb Royce

So You Want To Book a Holiday by benhales

April 2013 - 'Count Arthur Strong' Series 1, BBC/Retort TV
'Emergency Doctor' theme.

April 2013 - 'Watson & Oliver' Series 2, BBC2
Theme, sketch backgrounds, featured songs

Watson & Oliver Theme - Series 2 by benhales

June 2012 - 'A Short History of Everything Else' Series 1, Channel 4/TwoFour Productions
Theme, bumpers

A Short History of Everything Else - theme by benhales

February 2012 - 'Watson & Oliver' Series 1, BBC2
Theme, sketch backgrounds, stings and featured finales

Watson & Oliver Theme - Series One by benhales Julio is the Daddy - Watson & Oliver by benhales

September 2011 - 'Funny Plus One' pilot, BBC3
Theme and sketch titles for comedy show pilot - the show was not commissioned.

Funny Plus One Theme - pilot by benhales Skinny Jeans! by benhales

January 2011 - 'Coming of Age' Series 3, BBC3
Incidental music and featured songs including the series finale (Ben Hales/Tim Dawson)

January 2011 - 'Dick & Dom's Funny Business' Series 1, BBC2
(with Matt Hales) Theme, sketch backgrounds, stings

Dick & Dom's Funny Business Theme by benhales Animal's Den Theme (from Dick & Dom's Funny Business) by benhales

October 2010 - 'The Stephen K Amos Show' Series 1, BBC2
Sketch backgrounds

'Bad Bond' intro (The Stephen K Amos Show) by benhales Pet Swap Theme (The Stephen K Amos Show) by benhales

Music for Theatre/Dance

September 2014 - 'Albion' (with Dave Price), Bush Theatre

September 2014 - 'Woyzeck', Splendid Productions, UK tour

June 2014 - 'The Roof' (with Dave Price), Requardt&Rosenburg/Fuel Theatre, National Theatre and UK tour

November 2013 - 'What We Love' (with Dave Price), Frauke Requardt, Dance in Libraries/Richmond Library

September 2013 - 'Antigone', Splendid Productions, UK tour

August 2013 - 'Adam & Eve: The Musical', Splendid Productions, Edinburgh Fringe 2013

September 2012 - 'Everyman', Splendid Productions, UK tour

September 2011 - 'Medea', Splendid Productions, UK tour

September 2010 - 'The Trial', Splendid Productions, UK tour

January 2010 - ‘The Wonderful World of Dissocia’, Rose Bruford College, The Unicorn Theatre London

Welcome to Dissocia by benhales Who'll Hold Your Paw When You Die? by benhales

September 2009 - 'Dr Faustus', Splendid Productions, UK tour

Autumn 2008 - ‘Sixteen Up’, Box Clever Theatre, Unicorn Theatre London, UK tour

16 Up - What I'm Feeling by benhales

September 2008 - 'Woyzeck', Splendid Productions, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2009, UK tour

September 2007 - 'The Good Woman of Szechuan', Splendid Productions, UK tour

Spring 2007 - ‘Bad Jazz’, Actor’s Touring Company, UK tour

Theme from 'Bad Jazz' by benhales

September 2006 - 'Antigone', Splendid Productions, UK tour

Summer 2006 - ‘Gizmo Love’, Actors Touring Theatre, UK tour

September 2005 - 'Two Legs Good Four Legs Bad', Splendid Productions, UK tour

September 2004 - 'The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui', Splendid Productions, UK tour

Production Music

November 2014 - ‘Pop Rock Passions’, Atmosphere/Universal Publishing Production Music - another slice of epic production music.

May 2013 - 'Yeah La La' from the album 'Acoustic Tent', Chappell/Universal Publishing Production Music

September 2012 - ‘Emotional Anthemic Rock II’, Chappell/Universal Publishing Production Music - the same, but somehow... MORE!

September 2009 - ‘The Album: Emotional Anthemic Rock’, Chappell/Universal Publishing Production Music